Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Small Progress is Better Than None At All

  We've been in the new house for almost a year, now. I know I said before I would be posting about the kitchen work and other things but I decided to go in a different direction. Changing my mind is a regular occurrence around here! We are still struggling with infertility issues so I am trying to focus on small projects to complete rather than how disappointed I am about it. And this place has plenty to be done! The yard is a mess!

There was more space to plant than I anticipated! I still bought too much mulch.

  This weeks project was a bit impromptu after planting a small vegetable garden by the front porch. We had a million bags of mulch left over thanks to my inability to do math. Rather than take it back, I figured we have plenty of places to put it and there was no way I was going to haul them back to the store after unloading them in the rain. I say work smarter, not harder. So, in the back yard it will go.

this was after I started to remove the sea of dead leaves 

  We are on seven acres after all, there are plenty of spaces that could use a little mulching. I started with a shady little bed tucked away by the back deck. It is surrounded by all these beautiful Azaleas but it was a hot mess of built up leaves and weeds. There is even a cute little path with stepping stones and some beautiful brick work that was hidden amongst the years of neglect.

And, I still have a ton of mulch left!

  There were also a ton of wine bottles that were left over from the project I started at the old house and never got to finish. I used empty wine bottles as a garden border. I believe I saw it in an issue of Ready Made Magazine a few years ago. Sadly, they're not around anymore.

wine bottle border

the hidden gem! beautiful brick work!

   I'll even bet you can find something like it on Pinterest, too! I am quite proud of the work and so glad that it is done! Way ahead of schedule for pool season, too! 


  1. That is a LOT of progress and it looks great so far!!

    1. Thank You! I am about to go back outside and see what else I can get into! LOL

  2. Looks amazing. You've done a lot and it's fun to see. Need to see green after all this "white" we've been getting.

    1. heehee! I wish we'd have gotten some white around here. It was just a cold and rainy winter for us. But, I am so glad we get to see all the azaleas in their fully bloomed glory for a little longer. We moved in after they were done last year and we missed most of Springs color. I even have a Tulip Magnolia that has these beautiful pink flowers. Last year, we missed it.

  3. Your place looks beautiful. Great pictures of your progress!! I really love your house.